Welcome - The Absurd Arboretum

The Absurd Arboretum


  • Mint a tree, plant a tree; Simultaneously a digital and a physical token.
  • One of the largest sets of procedurally generated, mass-customized, high-resolution videos in the NFT world: 3333 tree artifacts are generated with a matrix of 14 species (with over 100 form variations), 28 trunk and branch traits, 28 leaf textures, 71 embryo types, 16 contexts, 7 lens filters, and 11 custom-made soundtracks.
  • Minting has ended and the project has sold out. Please visit the collection on OpenSea to become a tree guardian.


  • Free Infinite Objects frames for early supporters, with a Companion NFT collection and POAP distributed.
  • Surprise “Venation” collection to reward early supporters; first of our many collaborations. 
  • Donated 3,333 trees to One Tree Planted’s project in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Donating a tree to TeamTrees for every tree sold on the secondary market.
  • Listed on rarity.tools.
  • Verified on OpenSea.
  • Sales bots in Discord and Twitter as well as a live tree counter on the site.
  • Completed the inaugural BONFIRE Festival.
  • Community members donated more than 10k trees to TeamTrees via the BONFIRE Festival BLOOM events.
  • A surprise fourth event to the Festival, FIREWORKS, was sold out immediately.
  • Donated to Orangutan Outreach for reforestation and Orangutan preservation
  • Launched Chapter 2 of Capsule Vault Trilogy: Wasted Wild;
    adding endangered species preservation to our tree planting effort
  • Ongoing reveals of Wasted Wild Special Edition 1/1s;
    we’ve collaborated with friends who are some of the most talented VFX/CG/Illustration artists in Taiwan.
  • Continue the donation of a tree for every tree sold.



The Word begets one,
one begets two,

two begets three,

and three begets the myriad creatures.  —  Lao Tzu

Capsule Vault proudly presents

the Absurd Arboretum – a set of 3333 unique trees

that will become an integral part of our environment and a means to co-create a better society; a journey into the post-human era of hybridity.

Each procedurally generated tree is not only a digital, non-fungible token living on the Ethereum blockchain, stored as an ERC-721 token and materialized as a piece of animated audiovisual art, but also a representation of planting a seed in the physical world. In the very near future, these seeds will grow to become flourishing trees.

Admission to the Arboretum

The initial sale has ended. Please check out the collection on OpenSea


The trees are not only pieces of novel generative art and real trees alive and growing in the world, but also your membership tokens as guardians of the collective space, with rights to any future arboretum-only benefits as well as invitations to arboretum-wide endeavors.

While every single tree artifact is unique, highly detailed with a set of meticulously designed traits, all trees are fairly distributed, each costs 0.06 ETH to purchase. The guardians will not only receive the video files, along with high quality images, but also be granted full commercial rights to these assets they own.



As the project unfolds and as the trees populate the arboretum, we will begin our three major endeavors:

1. Build a robust community as we progress through the roadmap and beyond.

2. Plant trees with reforestation projects by One Tree Planted that most urgently need help with; simultaneously doing something beautiful in both the digital and the physical worlds of ours

3. Donate to 1% for the planet, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental causes.

While you only purchase the token(s) once, we (you and us!) continue to donate and do our part for the environment –
We’re committed to donate and plant a real life tree for every secondary sale on OpenSea with our planting partner!

Limited Amount –
3333 artifacts

Fair Distribution –
0.06 ETH each

A meta

(digital+physical) token –
Tree Planting

Bonfire Festival! Burn, Blossom, and Build –
A Communal Event

1 % for the Planet –
We are the World


The arboretum will be populated with two major phases of growth: the Origin will see the first 2222 trees, followed by the Diaspora, completing the full 3333* .

* a total of 66 trees will be reserved by the firewatchers of the arboretum for ourselves, our loved ones, and promotions !


33% of Phase 1 – the Origin sold

Start rewarding those who have minted 3 or more trees by this time a complimentary Infinite Object,

so you may watch your beautiful tree grow anywhere you’d like at home!
This incentive event has ended and the digital frames have been produced and delivered!

The community co-created 14 special edition trees, one for each available species; designed collectively and custom generated for Infinite Objects to be materialized.

“Tree Creator” POAP tokens were distributed to all participants when completed!

66% of Phase 1 – the Origin sold

Start planting a tree on behalf of each guardian;

we are officially partnering with One Tree Planted, an NGO with a mission to help global reforestation efforts.

We have donated 3,333 trees to OTP’s project in New Brunswick, Canada,
and a tree to TeamTrees
for every secondary sales on OpenSea!

33% of Phase 2 – the Diaspora sold

Reveal the universe of the Capsule Vault Trilogy

We have revealed multiple series of sneak peaks revealing various parts of Chapter 2, Wasted Wild.

More to come!

66% of Phase 2 – the Diaspora sold

Reveal the details of the first BONFIRE Festival, where we Bloom, Burn, and Build! 

The inaugural BONFIRE Festival has come to an end, while BLOOM will be ongoing with a set frequency.

The community has donated over 10k trees together during the Festival, and each BUILD token holder will be able to exchange for a Wasted Wild Wildlings for free! In addition, a surprise event, FIREWORKS, was released: a collection of animations generated on-chain at mint! 

100% sold:
Donate 1% of the gross primary sales to a community selected NGO committed to better our environment. 
In addition, we also committed ourselves to planting trees for secondary sales as well with #TeamTrees!




For Venture Cocktailist, death is not ethical.


design and technical captain on vacation

hikes in the woods and doesn’t have a coupe


Art direction and coordination

Seed gleaner. Tree hugger. Weed lover.


Art Explorer

I have the rest of my life to find out.





FX Artist

Good morning, sunshine. The earth says “Hello!”


CG Artist

Between motion and rest.


Solidity/Web Developer

If heaven’s grief brings hell’s rain

Tzu Ni

Hearing Design

W͠h͠a͠t͠’s͠ h͠e͠r͠e͠ i͠s͠ e͠l͠s͠e͠w͠h͠e͠r͠e͠, w͠h͠a͠t͠’s͠ n͠o͠t͠ h͠e͠r͠e͠ i͠s͠ n͠o͠w͠h͠e͠r͠e͠.


Solidity Developer

Is that your chicken nugget?

The Absurd Arboretum project is conceived and created by the Capsule Vault team and their Tree Technician team – together, the Firewatchers; a total of 10 friends who dream of bringing something novel to the crypto world.